Doxkour is a game where you go back to the past every time the timer runs out on the room and you try to solve the puzzle with your past self or selves.

In Doxkour, you have a limited amount of time per puzzle to solve it; each time you run out of time, you restart, but with your past selves still doing and acting what you have done in the past. Since while you were controlling the past selves, you didn't observe your future selves, having your past selves observe you causes a paradox, and constitues a lose condition; the same rule applies to changes in the environment (door being open or closed when it shouldn't be, cube being in a different position).

Game idea by sofviic.


Download from

rsync preferably, or you can download the archive, though rn i dont update that often ill probably do that later.

Run these in an empty folder

For X11 (Sorry no wayland yet cuz godot):

rsync --progress -r rsync:// .

rsync --progress -r rsync:// .

For windows (Not supported but works because godot):

rsync --progress -r rsync:// .

rsync --progress -r rsync:// .

To download the source code: Download and run it. It will download all the repositories from needed for this and a package manager called rubberkeys made by metamuffin.